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Ministry Services & Pastoral Coaching

Helping you ease the tensions of ministry, grow your church and move toward thriving. 

38% of pastors are thinking of quitting the ministry, regularly

84% of pastors feel they are on call 24/7

65% of pastors fear they are not good enough to meet expectations.

57% of pastors believe they do not receive a livable wage and are unable to fully pay their bills. 


Business Meeting


We'll come alongside your team and help you refine them into an agile, unified, group that gets to thriving on every level. This is the core of my service as is designed in such a way that enhances your people to become their best possible selves and when people get healthy, there is nothing that health won't also improve.

For over a decade, I have spoken to countless audiences and have helped them rise higher in their levels of understanding, significance, and value. The core of my message is to produce in people the delight of unified collaboration, knowing that when the team is healthy, the company follows suit.

Auditorium Audience


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Coaching is the art of helping a developing leader call out the inner working of the person they desperately want to become. Most often, a leader simply needs permission to do what they already know to do. That's what healthy coaching provides.

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The untapped trifecta in business is that of a business coach, and this is one of the areas where businesses make enormous mistakes. Without question, they add an accountant and eventually, they will add a lawyer. But they make an enormous mistake by using their spouse or a good friend as this business coach and placing pressure on relationships where that type of pressure was never intended to be found.


The danger in these decisions is that it puts the relationship at an unnecessary risk of failure. There are no relationships worth risking when it comes to business development. You need people, you can’t afford to risk losing any of them! Learn to guard them with your highest priority. One way you can do this is by creating a relationship with someone like me, a business coach, whose very purpose is your progressive development.

I'd love to help coach you from your current place of limitation to the future you've dreamed of. Is it time for you to take a step toward real growth and become something more?


Are you ready to get started? Book a FREE 20 min coaching call with me! 

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