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"If your ministry could be the most agile and effective possible, would you take the steps to get there?"

My name is Kevin Elworth -

Pastoral Coach, and Leadership Expert

My proficiency is helping leaders become and achieve the highest levels of success they desire in life and business through leadership development, pastoral coaching, and team-building dynamics.


My understanding of ministry leadership-building comes from years of developing high-performance teams. I cut my teeth on development in one of the toughest places to do so - church work.

I've taken that experience and paired it with my Masters Degree in Leadership and my partnership with the John Maxwell Team and launched my company, Kevin Elworth Coaching, which is designed to lift the lid on your leadership and get you to thrive.

Whether it's helping you gain clarity on your "why" and reach your goals, guiding a business on how to get unstuck, or coaching clients through a the tough parts of building thriving ministry, my passion is helping others achieve success.

If you're ready to learn more about my programming,  let's schedule a virtual coffee meeting and

Let's Talk

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