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Pastoral & Business Coach

Leadership Expert

"Your future is defined by the questions you are willing to answer!"

"Kevin's leadership in all of these areas provided a vision for success. I'm convinced Kevin's leadership set the tone; he understands people and puts them first."
- Chris C

Are You:

  • A ministry that is hitting a plateau in performance?

  • Struggling to keep workplace relationships thriving?

  • Finding frustration in the interpersonal workings of your people?

  • Knowing that there is more when it comes to agility and efficiency?

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

You Want:

  • Health and vitality to be central in your staff

  • Ministry Growth to be core amoung your church

  • To end the struggle with leadership development

  • To perfect the problem of volunteer recruiting and retention

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As a pastor, I understand the unique complexities of leading a congregation, developing a staff and casting a compelling vision to reach our communities…and quite frankly…IT IS  HARD. Kevin is a leader’s coach and will help you articulate organizational clarity, drive ministry growth and guide you in your own personal leadership journey. You can trust that he understands, he can help and has the empathy to start right where you are. I wholeheartedly recommend him!!                                                                                                     
Mike D - Cross Pointe Church

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